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Gabriella Proffitt holds a BFA in dance education with a specialization in ballet performance and a minor in musical theater from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. While attaining her degree, Gabriella performed works by local and international choreographers and was acknowledged with an Outstanding Student Teaching Award.

Currently working toward a degree to practice Naturopathic Medicine, Gabriella utilizes her experience as a professional dance and yoga educator to access healing for others 

through movement. Her additional interests lie in music, alternative somatic modalities, and multidisciplinary collaboration - all of which inform her work as an artist, educator, and healer.

Teaching Philosophy

As a movement educator, my goal is to weave tools from different somatic modalities together to increase an individual's mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Learning to discipline the body in a methodical, loving environment opens innumerable possibilities to explore life experiences with deeper insight, and to discover intuitive, interconnected, peaceful layers of existence. Engaging in movement study as a flourishing activity allows the mover to continually make contact with the essence of their life-force, through the process of negotiating the paradox between finely tuned attention and blissful self-abandon. 

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